A Beautiful Example of a 911 Track Car

AndreaDB76 Pelican for saleInsta2

This 1974 RS "Re-creation" only lasted for sale two days on the Pelican Parts Forums. But that isn't really a surprise when you look at the spec list. The short list on the built 3.2l includes Weber 46IDAs, po

Rennline, German Performance Service Inc. and Braid Wheels at NEFR 2015

GPS 911 by eeuroparts

  Even in an industry where most things are pretty cool, every once in a while you get to be involved in a particularly awesome project. One of these came along recently in the form of this beautiful

Speed v Soul: The new heart of the 911


Much conversation and controversy surrounds the move by Porsche towards an almost entirely turbocharged lineup. The visceral scream and responsiveness of the current naturally aspirated engines are already bein

Project: 73 RSR Tribute with 3.4T


After searching for several months for that perfect backdate project car, we came across a 1975 Carrera that had been converted to a Slantnose by a

Project: 964 Turbo Barn Find


A brief glimpse of a rusting shell in the woods on a back road. The gleam of a forgotten headlight through a barn door. Local lore of a long lost duck tail buried deep in a pile of rubbish. But time marches on,

Product Release: Fire Extinguisher Quick Disconnect


If your car is on fire, the last thing you want to do is fumble with clamps and brackets found on traditional fire extinguisher mounts. In these critical moments the Rennline Fire Extinguisher Quick Release can

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