While looking for a Rennline build that would generate some fresh ideas, we came across the ultimate candidate: a backdated '82 911 with an '89 930 motor bumped up to a 3.4L and twin plugged. Not only that, but the car already had a G50 that had been shortened by Patrick Motorsports along with the addition of a set of 993 Turbo brakes. We have been using this car as our design template to develop new Rennline products for years now and the build features a wide selection of our catalog. Check out the videos below as we share our build process and provide information on the many Rennline parts used to improve the performance of this beautiful build.

Episode 1 – Suspension

Episode 2 – Interior & Front Trunk

Episode 3 – Engine & Exterior

Suspension Products

After acquiring the car, we had our friends at Washburn’s Autobody in Williston, VT refresh the paintwork while we prepped our suspension goodies for installation. With both street and track use on the horizon for this car, we opted for the full Rennline HD Suspension line which would be firm enough to be competitive on the track, but not so harsh as to take away from those spirited mountain drives here in Vermont. Once the car returned from paint, we installed everything from the Rennline control arms with HD bushings and decambered ball joints, to the Rennline rear EZ adjust spring plates. Additionally we installed front and rear sway bars from our friends at Tarett Engineering. This full setup gives us enough adjustment to get all the camber we need, along with the ease of dialing in the ride height, corner weights, as well as oversteer and understeer.

Interior Products

Next up was the interior. While the outside of the car had already been backdated, the interior still contained the aged and musty g-body dash, carpet, and seats. On our previous project #project50shadesofgrey we had developed a full dash backdate kit. Step one was to install the first production piece of this new dash backdate kit, to give this dashboard an ultraclean and classic appeal. We opted for the basketweave insert to match a set of Vintage Racing RS style seats that we also installed. Next up with an RS carpet kit along with our perforated floorboards to replace the factory plywood floorboards, which were worse for wear. The factory doorcards were warped with sagging door pockets as per usual, so a new set of RS doorcards were a welcome upgrade that really simplified the interior and gave it that sporty look. After getting the upper door rails and rear parcel shelf reupholstered by Autobahn Interiors, we were all squared away with the interior.

Front Trunk Products

Next on the agenda was the front trunk. For this car, we opted for no carpet in the trunk, so we spent a lot of time cleaning up the paintwork, refinishing the fuel tank, and cleaning up the wiring. With that done and everything re-assembled, we also added our Smuggler's Box cover and replaced the fiberboard blower motor cover with our aluminum unit. The addition of a 3 point strut brace improved front end stiffness. Lastly, we developed the fully mechanical Hood & Decklid Struts to ensure we never again had to deal with our struts giving out.

Engine Products

With the engine already backdated to an '89 930 motor, we didn't have much to update in the rear trunk. However, we developed our rear decklid hinges on this car to eliminate the need for shims and a fully mechanical decklid strut to replace the failing factory strut. To finish the engine compartment, we replaced the valve covers and added stability in the form of Rennline engine mounts, cross bar, and alternator strap.

Wheel & Tire Products

Body Products

We wanted to have this 911 stand out from the crowd and, after much discussion, this car served as the template for the Rennline roof rack development. After a very long period of testing and prototyping, we had a unique look for the exterior. Towards the end of the build, we also workshopped our 911 skid plate on this car, bringing a whole new level of protection to our suspension setup. The final touches were the installation of front and rear tie downs and the replacement of the factory lights with Rennline's LED Headlight Conversion kit for optimum visibility. With the car fully built, it was time to break out the cameras and hit the road!