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Kris and Jake are enthusiasts who discuss cars, the culture surrounding them, and the changing nature of the automotive landscape. They just happen to be Porsche people too ~ Enjoy some of their Porsche (and non Porsche) related episodes below. Listeners receive a special discount for Rennline.com

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Overcrest: A Pretty Good Podcast
Overcrest: A Pretty Good Podcast
Overcrest delves into news, obscure history, transportation culture, and the changing nature of the technological landscape with humor and the unique perspective of professional journalism.
Short: St Patricks Day and British Racing Green

Jake calls up Kris at home to tell him the real origins of two old stories.

Short: St Patricks Day and British Racing Green
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Formula One Photographer - Richard Kelley
Honey? Does this Weissach Package Make Me Look Fat?
Dmitriy Orlov / Machines Building Machines
Richard Rawlings / Everything is Broken / News
The Most Insane Propulsion You've Never Heard Of
Where Oh Where did My Weiner (Cat) Go?
Betim Berisha / BBI Autosport / Winning and Obsession
Grinding Gears, EV's with NOS, BMW fails again, and more...