Rennline is currently searching for any Porsche 991.2 and 991.2 Turbo owners in the New England area. We are looking for someone willing to drive their vehicle to our shop in Milton, VT for the day so that we can fabricate a new grill kit. The owner of the car will receive a FREE Grill Kit + Installation for allowing us to use their car! Rennline Inc. is located at 32 Catamount Drive, Milton, VT 05468 We thank you in advance for your help!

It’s that time of year everyone! Whether you are a casual Porsche enthusiast or a die hard fanatic who eats, sleeps and breathes Porsche, there is a little something for everyone at the Hershey Swap Meet in Hershey, PA. Founded years ago by a small contingent of friends and business partners, the swap meet started as a small gathering of those ‘in the know’ but has burgeoned into one of the largest Porsche-oriented events of its kind in the country. This growth has been driven…Continue Reading “Rennline News: Hershey Porsche Swap Meet 2016!”

It’s 5*F. At 5AM. On a Friday. And I am wide awake. That’s because a few hour jaunt over the Green Mountains, Team O’Neil Rally School and a field full of vintage rally cars awaits. It could be -15*F at 3AM on a Saturday for all I care. I was invited by Marc Feinstein, owner of German Performance Service and pilot of the 964 rally car you will see in the pictures. Despite a late arrival, it seems my morning is not the worst of the bunch;…Continue Reading “Vintage Day at Team O’Neil Rally School”

Here at Rennline we are lucky enough to have a devoted customer base that understands our commitment to quality parts and dedication to customer service. This relationship has grown in size and breadth over the years; it saw us expand from a small industrial space in downtown Winooski, Vermont into our current building, and now it is allowing us to build on that foundation. Both literally and metaphorically. But none of this would be possible without each and every customer, so again, we would like…Continue Reading “Rennline: Continuing Expansion”

The holidays are a great time to bring people together, and here at Rennline we try not to miss the opportunity to bring us together as a company. A cohesive environment is a productive one, so it is a perfect time to get together, have some fun and get to know everyone a bit better outside the bounds of the workplace. But this year was different than most. Instead of a nice dinner in nearby Burlington, Vermont, Rennline shop manager Joe DeSimone and owner Paul…Continue Reading “Rennline Invades Boston- Holiday Party Extraordinaire”

Thanks to all of our loyal customers who continue to support our pursuit of top-notch Porsche, Audi, VW, BMW, Mini and more parts, we are lucky enough to need more space! Our existing building in Milton, Vermont was built so that we could make the move from a cramped city space to a larger facility capable of handling our new machining centers, second waterjet, and rapidly expanding staff. Now, four years later, we have reached the same point where expansion has become necessary, again thanks to all…Continue Reading “Rennline is Growing- Construction Time!”

After searching for several months for that perfect backdate project car, we came across a 1975 Carrera that had been converted to a Slantnose by a SoCal dealership in the late 80’s. Being a California car, this chassis was rust free and a great starting point for what was to come. In addition to the rust free chassis the car also had the entire drivetrain from a 79 930. After a few more questions we learned the car had been serviced by our friends at Poudre Sports…Continue Reading “Project: 73 RSR Tribute with 3.4T”

It has been a while since we updated everyone on the beautiful 964 Turbo barn find that Rennline owner Paul was able to recover in North Carolina. The 964 Turbo is continuing to rise both in desirability and value; the last of the Turbos to feature truly classic 911 styling, but were limited by Porsche’s budget at the time which. The result? For a long time the 964 was relegated to the “not so desirable Porsche” category. Fiendishly complex and technically advanced, the original 1989 964…Continue Reading “964 Turbo: Bushings and Coilovers”