Turbo 964 Throtl Build

When Throtl told us they were working on a new 964 build, we were thrilled to help them kit out the car with top of the line Rennline parts. From the inside out, this beautiful build showcases some of Rennline's most popular products and serves as inspiration for anyone looking to refurbish their ride. Watch all the care put into the build process on the Throtl YouTube page and check out the Rennline additions below! Videos produced by Throtl (@throtl) and photos taken by Kevin Tran (@kevin_trxn)

Interior Products

The interior was perfected with high-end details from Rennline to complete the track/street blend of this build.

These Rennline shift knobs put a modern touch on that iconic layered shift knob that came in the infamous 917 race cars of the 70's. Like the 917 knobs, these are layered in different colors, but unlike the 917 knob you can choose your material as well as your color for each layer.

Protect your door frames and boost your street cred with these stainless steel sill plates!

Rennline billet aluminum E-brake handles feature quality craftsmanship for superb fit and finish. The perfect compliment to your aluminum handles, pedals or other aluminum accessories. These handles feature a clear or black anodized finish with inlaid black rubber rings.

This beautiful 4 piece billet aluminum lock/knob set will really dress up that interior of your 1974-89 911 or 928. They are machined out of aircraft grade aluminum, anodized to a satin finish, and come with all stainless steel hardware.

Rennline's new gauge bezels are a quick and easy way to freshen up your car's interior. Unlike other similar products that are stamped from very thin material, Rennline's gauge bezels are precision CNC machined from billet aluminum to assure perfect fit and quality. The bezels are satin silver anodized and come with double-sided adhesive for a fast and reversible installation.

Harness mounting brackets - These brackets have been specially designed to allow you to install both, factory seat belts and aftermarket harnesses at the same time. Intended for the use of quick disconnect lap belts on both sides of the seat. This is a perfect set up for your street/track car.

Exterior Products

Rennline Products put the finishing touches on this build from Throtl.

Engineered with an increased side load capacity and adjustable-length rigid mount receiver, this tapered stainless loop design incorporates a new locking function to maintain your preferred loop position.

Not only is this the industries first 3 point strut brace for the 964/993, it also has an integrated adjustment point that will allow you to fine tune, then lock your camber settings in a matter of seconds.

Tired of your wife nagging you about the oil puddles in the driveway? Rennline has the solution with our new billet, fully CNC machined valve covers. These valve covers are a direct bolt on replacement for your flimsy leaking factory covers, and are machined to accept the reusable OEM gaskets.

With the corrosion resistant finish, chamfered edges, and tight gasket fitment, these valve covers are simply the best on the market. Available in Anodized clear or black finishes, or powdercoat red all with or without the fins brushed. Also included are the spark plug wire retainers and retainer hardware for a clean installation.

Rennline’s Sealed camber plates incorporate FK motorsports Teflon-lined spherical bearings and eliminate the indistinct feedback associated with factory rubber mounts.

Rennline’s Sealed camber plates incorporate FK motorsports Teflon-lined spherical bearings and eliminate the indistinct feedback associated with factory rubber mounts.

Are you still using those factory aluminum lug nuts that are prone to cracking, stripping, and seizing up? Save the hassle and switch to these steel nuts which are required for most organized track/race events.

Not only do our Rennline HD spring plates replace factory bushings with RS spec durometer rubber, but they feature a greater range of adjustment, just like the original RS plates. These are the perfect complement to any 964, whether it is a street or track car, giving a significant increase in performance, replacing worn and aging factory parts, and providing increased adjustability all while maintaining a civil ride quality and minimal increase cabin noise.