Hershey Swap Meet Event Coverage

A week and a half ago we were down in Hershey, Pennsylvania for the annual Hershey Swap Meet put on by the Porsche Club of America (PCA), and just like in years past we had an absolute blast! The weather predictions in the weeks leading up to the event were gloomy, but they blossomed into a gorgeous day that was not too hot, not too cold, with just a hair too much wind. In other words: perfect weather for some Porsche parts to trade hands!

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The Bergman Autowerks 911, Rennline GM Tom Rittenburg’s widebody 911, PCA member Jim’s GT4 and Rennline Owner Paul Jacques’ Guards Red 993 track car. We had a very nice selection of hardware on display this year!

As many of you know, Rennline is located way up in northern Vermont, just a 45min ride from the Canadian border. This means that Hershey is a decent trek that requires some planning and transportation a whole lot of parts to fill orders for our show special. This year we brought down our large, two-car enclosed trailer and a 24 ft. Penske box truck that was seriously slow.

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Owner Paul left Tuesday morning with the trailer for some scenic cruising and adventures on the ride down, and GM Tom, Engineer Dave and Support/Marketing Representative (myself) left Thursday morning for a layover near Doylestown, PA. While Paul towed down the Rennline 993 track car and Tom’s widebody, backdate, outlaw 911 we finished loading and organizing the Penske with Rennline goods and hit the road two days later.


Left-to-Right: Sales/Marketing rep Shawn, GM Tom and Engineer Dave

After too many hours stuffed into our big yellow truck we arrived and spent Friday setting up for the show. Coming from borderline winter conditions in Vermont, Pennsylvania’s weather was unbelievable- green grass?! Get out!


The sun setting over Hershey Park Friday night

Saturday morning was cool, but not cold, an indication of a good day in Hershey! The show opened with a long line of some spectacular cars and an extremely lackluster Turkey Hill breakfast. Luckily the weather more than made up for it as did the showing of cars! Everything from a brand new 991 GT3 RS to a creation from Singer Vehicle Design, along with an example of almost every historically significant 911, and tons of other awesome Porsche projects made it out! A red 959 was even on display.


991 GT3 RS from a local dealership


Singer Vehicle Design’s creation parked right behind our booth and caused quite the crowd!

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Left-Right: The Rennline 993 Track Car, PCA organizer Jim’s GT4, Rennline GM Tom’s backdate and the Bergman Autowerks outlaw

We brought down a full assortment of Rennline parts and accessories as well as the entire RennGear apparel line. We typically offer sale pricing on all of these items, so not only is the event a great time, but if you have a shopping list it is a perfect opportunity to save some serious money with the annual Hershey discount! Although we try to bring everything down, we found a few products were so popular we didn’t have enough, including our 911 Tach Clock which practically flew out of the trailer.

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The RennGear Apparel Line got its own booth this year as our offerings have expanded significantly!

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The main event: the Rennline Automotive tent complete with displays, sample products and awesome cars

We can’t wait to go back again next year! HUGE thanks to everyone else who turned out and made the 40th anniversary of this event the largest and most successful yet. The auto-x on Sunday had 63 preregistered cars alone! We will be back again next year with more innovative parts and plenty of our classic line as well. If you have any photos of the event that you would like to add to this and other albums please email me Shawn@Rennline.com as we would love to see them!


Photo by @Ian_Kley on Instagram


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The Singer arriving

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Classic Singer cross-stitching


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Finally on our way home after a fun, successful but exhausting weekend of Porsche goodness!



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