2016 Rennline Christmas Party

Twice a year, we strap on our party shoes here at Rennline.  This past Christmas was one of those times.  We took a trip up to Jay Peak, a ski resort near us here in Vermont for a night, and shenanigans ensued.

Right off the bat, our Production Manager Joe arrived to pick us all up with two white vans labeled “1” and “2”.  That could only mean one thing…

It’s a race!  But of course, the race isn’t as simple as going from point A to point B.  There were some conditions –

Each van had to take a different route.  One route was shorter, but took more time, and the other was longer, with higher speed roads.  Each team had to stop at their halfway point and take a group selfie with a sign that proves they took their assigned route.  Somehow, we only have van number 2’s selfie…


Then it was back on the road!


Nice and cozy…

Van #2 took first place, and once we were all at the hotel it was time for a family dinner.


After the meal was over, we held our Employee Of The Year ceremony, which recognizes a worker who has stood out in the past year as having an exceptional drive, attitude, and many other great qualities.  This year, our head waterjet operator John Bombard took the trophy home.

7 8 9

After a good night’s sleep, some of us got up to hit the slopes at Jay Peak, while the others hit the indoor water park and bar for the day!

10 11

After a great day of recreational activities, it was time to pack the vans and head home.  No races this time – we were exhausted (and still a little foggy)!


It was certainly a Christmas to remember – we are already looking forward to what Paul and Joe have up their sleeves for the 2017 party!  Thanks again guys!

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