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Rennline social media manager, Nick Coutu was lucky enough to interview Newton Kwan (@rwb_sacramento) and ask him a little about the story behind his amazing RWB 993 build.  See how Newton turned an average Porsche 993 into a dream RWB build that will leave you drooling.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


Photo by @boldcopy

1. Tell us a little bit about @rwb_sacramento – what was your  inspiration behind building the car? 

My goal with building RWB Sacramento was to have a wild street-able track car.  I wanted something I could take to run errands in and something that would be a weekend warrior on the track. Years ago I was lucky enough to meet Nakai San in Japan and he introduced me to the RWB family.  Nakai San was so welcoming and as we talked more we had many of the same passions for cars.  Nakai San and the RWB family really inspired me to build out my 993.

Long story short, when I met Nakai San in Japan he took my fiance (now wife) and I out to Shabu Shabu after we landed from a late night flight.  As the taxi dropped us off, I was mesmerized by seeing the RWB headquarters.  It’s kinda of like a fantasy car heaven with RWB’s everywhere.  So, him and his friends waited up for us and took us to dinner and I had so many questions in my head about the RWB’ss.  I was skeptical, very skeptical of RWB’s rubbing and camber and all those things that make car enthusiasts frown.  Before Nakai San answered any of my questions he was like…”Get in.”  Pointing to RWB Adriana, we were heading off to dinner with the Nakai San.  I got in the car and moments later it was like a thrilling action movie.  We were flying down the dark narrow streets of Chiba with straight pipe exhaust screaming in the night.  In my head I was like ‘OMG’ this is amazing and holding on for dear life.  Keep in mind some of the the roads are maybe 1 and 1/2 lanes wide and as other on coming cars were coming we would weave around effortlessly.  I was so surprised how well the car handled.  There wasn’t any rubbing and the corning was very precise.  As we arrived at the Shabu Shabu restaurant, I got out of the car and I said, “Nakai San I need one.”  That was the moment I knew I needed an RWB.


Photo by @boldcopy

2. Why RWB? What was it like working with Nakai San?

I choose RWB because I wanted something special and I wanted it to be a unicorn.  I choose RWB because I wanted it to be perfect.  The attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship is unheard of.  I also wanted to share RWB with people who haven’t experienced or heard of these before too.

Working with Nakai San has really been an honor for me.  I have been lucky enough to travel around with him and help with over 30 RWB’s.  He’s definitely been a great mentor and friend to me.  Nakai San knows everything about Porche’s and his craftsmanship.  He is very humble and a very hard worker.  Its mind blowing to see how all of the lines and measurements are done by eye.  He uses his finger to bond the panels with sikaflex and these RWB’s always come out perfect.  He is always the first and last person working.  In my experience with him, I just try and keep up and soak up the all knowledge and work ethics that I can.


Photo by @boldcopy

3. I remember you mentioning that you’ve auto-crossed and raced  the car on the track. How did that go? How did the car do?

Prior to the RWB transformation, I auto-crossed and tracked my cars.  I have a little process where I like to start with stock cars and modify them to see how the cars progresses and improves with each modification.  Last year my car spent a lot of time jumping from shop to shop getting work done, so it hasn’t hit the track yet.  I’m hoping this year I have the the time track it.  On a brighter note, the car is ready for the track.  Last year I was able to finish the year with a corner balance and alignment to track specs.  I weighed in at 2800 lbs (400 lbs under the stock weight) and it has a perfect cross weight now too.  So I’m excited to see how it performs too.


Photo by @boldcopy

4. We noticed a few Rennline parts on there – which parts did  you choose? Why Rennline?

I wanted a very clean and retro look.  I went RS style interior (it used to all be tan and I went with the silvernet black).  I relocated the center console to the dash and added more leg room with the lower dash delete.  Removed the back seats and customized the rear panel.  I also wanted it to be lightweight and it’s all sound dampened with Dynamat.

For the Rennline parts I went with the following:

I think I got my CAE Shifter through you guys too 🙂 I love it!

I choose Rennline because you guys have the best parts and fitment and excellent customer service, not to mention an excellent reputation in the Porsche world.  Still on the wish list is silver gauge rings, seat brackets once I get my seats, the rest of the control arm pieces, drop links and strut bar.


Photo by @conley916

 5. What do  you see for the future of @rwb_sacramento?

These cars are never ending projects.  Next is engine work and seats.  It lacks a bit of power, but for a streetable car in CA we have the worst emissions regulations.  It will get intake, exhaust, tune, clutch, and lightweight flywheel and we should be good.  These are all long processes, so maybe even start on RWB Sac. #2???? 🙂


Photo by @rwb_sacramento

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