Even in an industry where most things are pretty cool, every once in a while you get to be involved in a particularly awesome project. One of these came along recently in the form of this beautiful 964 pictured below. Marc Feinstein, owner of German Performance Services approached us with the concept of building a classic 964 911 for competition in Rally America’s Stage Rally series. Even if you haven’t heard of German Performance Services by name, you are probably familiar with their work…Continue Reading “Rennline, German Performance Service Inc. and Braid Wheels at NEFR 2015”

Much conversation and controversy surrounds the move by Porsche towards an almost entirely turbocharged lineup. The visceral scream and responsiveness of the current naturally aspirated engines are already being lamented. But what does this move actually mean for the line up? While the effects on overall chassis balance, drivability and power output are still speculation, we feel confident in making a few assumptions. First is that Porsche has a stalwart commitment to increasing speed, so we are confident in saying the new line of 911s will…Continue Reading “Speed v Soul: The new heart of the 911”

After searching for several months for that perfect backdate project car, we came across a 1975 Carrera that had been converted to a Slantnose by a SoCal dealership in the late 80’s. Being a California car, this chassis was rust free and a great starting point for what was to come. In addition to the rust free chassis the car also had the entire drivetrain from a 79 930. After a few more questions we learned the car had been serviced by our friends at Poudre Sports…Continue Reading “Project: 73 RSR Tribute with 3.4T”

A brief glimpse of a rusting shell in the woods on a back road. The gleam of a forgotten headlight through a barn door. Local lore of a long lost duck tail buried deep in a pile of rubbish. But time marches on, and the term ‘barn find’ has itself become antiquated. Many of today’s treasures have been lost to garages, storage units and warehouses, but are no easier to discover. Regardless of location, as the classic 911 continues to rise in value, these stories…Continue Reading “Project: 964 Turbo Barn Find”

If your car is on fire, the last thing you want to do is fumble with clamps and brackets found on traditional fire extinguisher mounts. In these critical moments the Rennline Fire Extinguisher Quick Release can mean the difference between a minor incident and a total loss. This mount is equipped with Rennline’s exclusive Detent Release System. Get your Rennline Fire Extinguisher Quick Disconnect here