November is Grill Screen Awareness Month

One of Porsche’s biggest design flaws on the water cooled cars is the bumper air intakes. With the current design, the radiators are completely exposed and become magnets for road debris, leaves, and rocks. The fins on the radiator will quickly become damaged or plugged translating into big dollar repairs. The only way to stop the inevitable is to install a Rennline Radiator Protection Grill Kit.

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Which Porsche’s does Rennline make grill screen kits for?







Why are Rennline grill kits the best?

1. Rennline developed the “Original” Radiator protection system with years of proven results.

2. Your car’s nose already looks perfect, our kits install behind the louvers to retain a desired factory look.

3. No risk of paint damage due to misalignment or loose components like front mounted kits.

4. Rigid mount system that executes a true “protection system” not just aesthetic.

5. Unique screw and clip system that eliminates the need for adhesive, zip ties or other unreliable fastening technics.


6. Powder coated aluminum resulting in the ultimate oxidation protection.

7. Millions of track miles and winning races have proven our mesh size will not affect airflow or cooling.

8. Every grill is pre-molded for your specific model resulting in a perfect fit every time.

9. Easy install, most kits take a total of an hour or less to install with basic hand tools. If removing your bumper cover seems intimidating, don’t worry, average bumper removal time without a car lift is 10-15 mins.

10. Manufactured in the USA by Rennline, if you have a question we’re here to help.


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