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VW, Audi and Porsche love their wheel bolts, but do you? If not, convert to lug studs with one of our Rennline Competition Lug Stud Conversion Kits! We have added R13 Ball Seat Lug Nuts specifically sized for factory Volkswagen and Audi wheels and many aftermarket wheels to allow for a greater range of fitments. Of course, our classic R14 Ball Seat Lug Nuts for Porsche fitment wheels are still an option with any kit. We have also partnered with Adaptec Speedware and now offer their entire line of off the shelf and custom spacers and adapters, making your one stop shop for wheel hardware!

Rennline wheel studs and lug nuts, Adaptec spacers

Our proprietary studs are precision machined and fully certified to ISO standards making them true race-grade parts; just ask TyrolSport who runs one of our Competition Stud Conversion Kits on their track day Golf R. Available in 35mm length for 5mm or smaller spacers, 45mm length for up to 15mm spacers or 60mm length for 20mm+ spacers, a stud conversion will let you run the spacers you need while making wheel changes a breeze. Our lug nuts are made from steel making them a perfect compliment for our stud kits, or perfect replacement parts for soft factory Porsche aluminum lug nuts with minimal weight penalty.
Rennline Wheel Hardware studs and nuts

Adaptec Speedware has earned a reputation for being the best in the business thanks to their high standards of quality and finish in addition to their lifetime warranty. All spacers and adapters are machined from USA-sourced T5 aluminum right here in the USA which means you get the highest quality product possible and that custom parts are no problem. Please contact us if you need a size you do not need listed- whether you need to a bit more clearance for those new track wheels, or are just shooting for that perfect fitment, you can trust that Rennline and Adaptec Speedware have you covered.

R13 v R14 ball seat lug nuts

The next time you need to make adjustments to your wheel fitment, just give us a call or hit for a full selection of our wheel hardware offerings. We also carry a full line of press-in style lug studs for early Porsches in four different lengths! We have made it easy to get the correct studs and nuts for your Porsche, Audi, VW and more! Loose your wheel bolts and enjoy the simplicity and change your wheel studs in less time, with less frustration!

Rennline has an extensive line of Wheel Hardware


Do you offer a lug stud conversion kit for my 2015 Cayenne Diesel with factory 19″ wheels?

Shawn Christianson

To be honest I am not aware of anyone who has done a stud conversion on a Cayenne, but if they are factory wheels, the original studs are M14x1.5mm I do not see a reason they wouldn’t!

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