Aluminum 917 Style Shift Knob

These Rennline shift knobs put a modern touch on that iconic layered shift knob that came in the infamous 917 race cars of the 70's. Like the 917 knobs, these are layered in different colors, but unlike the 917 knob you can choose your material as well as your color for each layer. Each and every piece of this Rennline Shift Knob is CNC machined allowing each layer to slide together with precision. The top cap is threaded into the bottom, sandwiching all of the middle layers in place. Like all Rennline shift knobs, the base is CNC machined to fit specific applications, eliminating the concern of missing a gear due to loose or detached shift knob. All of our shift knobs are the ergonomically correct 1.875” diameter and are slightly weighted to improve shifter feel.


Choose both colors and materials


CNC Machined


1.875” diameter and weighted

Mix and match 7 layers of materials!