Headlights & Accessories

Now announcing your one stop shop for classic Porsche exterior lighting and accessories. We designed our EL13 LED headlight conversion around a wide assortment of options, styles and colors to compliment the most common mods we were seeing within the enthusiast community. These aftermarket lights are fully customizable but the lenses below will also work directly with OEM style headlamps from Porsche.


The ultimate customizable headlamps


Light output; 6400LM


10 minute full installation

Includes 2 headlights, clear or fluted Lenses, chrome, black or primed rings, all necessary gaskets, and H4 to H5 wiring adapters.

We are now selling the Rennline *Glass* H4 clear lenses separately from the Rennline LED Headlight Sets. Fits our EL13 and factory headlights.

Replacement fluted H4 lens. No code markings on the glass. These will work with Rennline LED Headlight Kits, as well as factory headlights. **LHD only

Replacement fluted clear low profile lens. These are the early style lenses available on 356/911 from 1950-1967. Fits our EL13 and factory headlights.

OEM headlight rim screw set (inner and outer) for H1 or H4 headlight. Replaces 911.631.033.00 and 911.631.132.00.