GT3 Style Sport Muffler

The Stainless Steel Sport Muffler improves your classic 911 by providing a more aggressive sound while offering an updated GT3 Center Exit appearance. Its free-flowing design reduces backpressure which in turn increases horsepower. Manufactured from Stainless Steel in Europe, this Sport Muffler is sure to put a grin on your face. This Muffler has early (65-74) flanges on it so must be used on early flanged heat exchangers. Features: Manufactured from Stainless Steel Dual 50 mm (2”) inlets with dual 63 mm (2.5”) outlet tips; Reduces backpressure for increased performance; GT3 dual outlet appearance.


Stainless Steel


911 1965-89 with early (65-74) SSI style Heat Exchangers/Headers

Dual 50 mm (2”) inlets with dual 63 mm (2.5”) outlet tips.

GT3 dual outlet appearance