Fully Mechanical Decklid Strut

How many times have you replaced your hood and decklid struts? Us too… that's why we developed a line of fully mechanical hood and decklid struts. This is the last decklid strut that you will ever need. Factory decklid struts are hydraulic filled and will eventually fail, without question. They are sensitive to weight and to temperature making them unreliable and less than ideal for aftermarket decklids and tails. If you've ever installed a fiberglass tail, you've probably also noticed the pressure of the hydraulic shock likes to torque the decklid, usually creating an uneven body gap on the top left side.


Billet Aluminum


Available for all 911/912/930/964/993

Casing Color

Carbon Fiber, Matte Black, or Silver

Rennline’s fully mechanical hood and decklid struts will not fail for the life of the product, and therefore carry a lifetime warranty. They utilize a billet design with complex machining to ensure a smooth and reliable operation. They're available with either a carbon fiber body or a black aluminum body to suit your style.