Dash Backdate Kit

If you have a '74-'89 911/912/930 chances are the lower dashboard is looking pretty rough. Typically, the foam padding is peeling away at the corners, the Radio/HVAC openings are sagging, the plastic bits and pieces are fading, the glovebox door is misaligned, and the list goes on. We’ve seen countless restorations and resto-mods that are absolutely flawless until you sit in the car and are faced with that gloomy factory dash. This is an area that really bothered us in our own restorations, so we finally developed a solution… The Rennline Dash Backdate Kit.


Carbon Fiber or OEM Style Basketweave


Available for all 911/912/930


Optional Accessories

HVAC Control Panel

The Rennline Dash Backdate kit is a fascia that installs in place of all that OEM ugliness. It does away with the original foam padding, the glovebox door, the seatbelt warning light, and all the other non-necessities. In their place is a beautiful fascia that incorporates a polished extrusion similar to that of the early 911's but in one full length rather than the broken-up sections. Also reminiscent of the early 911's are the extrusion inserts which are available in a number of different options from carbon fiber or basketweave to walnut or stainless steel. This may very well be the final piece of your restoration/resto-mod puzzle.