964 993 Engine Carrier

Remember that tubular engine carrier that we showed you a sneak peek of in our last blog post?

Engine Carriers

Well they’re shipping now, ready for you to get your hands (and engines) on them here!


One of the only weak points on the 964 and 993 chassis is the engine carrier. When these models are tracked, or are fitted with stiffer than stock engine mounts, the engine carrier is known to bend, crack, or even break cleanly away from an engine mount in response to increased vibration and stress. The Porsche factory was aware of this problem and equipped its race cars with a reinforced engine carrier.


Rennline now offers a tube frame replacement for your factory engine carrier that is proven to be much stronger, and can withhold the stresses of any track day, while offering a 1.4lb weight savings over a gusseted factory carrier. All parts manufactured on cnc equipment and meticulously tig welded, finished with a matte black powdercoat.


As always, feel free to contact us anytime at 802.893.7366 with any questions, or by email at orders@rennline.com.



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