The “slantnose” 911, modeled after the iconic 935 race cars of the 1970’s and 80’s, are one of the more controversial models to come out of Stuttgart.¬†Available through Porsche’s Special Order Program or through a number of aftermarket shops and dealerships, slantnose conversions received unique front and modified rear fenders along with a few other bits and pieces to distinguish themselves from the standard 930. Although they commanded premium prices when new, today they have carved out a niche fan club, with many 911s being…Continue Reading “The Ultimate Slant Nose? It’s for sale”

The holidays are a great time to bring people together, and here at Rennline we try not to miss the opportunity to bring us together as a company. A cohesive environment is a productive one, so it is a perfect time to get together, have some fun and get to know everyone a bit better outside the bounds of the workplace. But this year was different than most. Instead of a nice dinner in nearby Burlington, Vermont, Rennline shop manager Joe DeSimone and owner Paul…Continue Reading “Rennline Invades Boston- Holiday Party Extraordinaire”