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Tailored: A 993 with a Heart of Tartan

Tailored: A 993 with a Heart of Tartan

Customization has been a part of Porsche ownership since the beginning. Of all marques, the heads in Stuttgart have traditionally offered one of the highest levels of customization for factory cars. Beyond these options, Porsche owners are known to love modifying their cars, and Michael Lenzi has the sickness as bad as any of us. He has spent the past three years customizing, refining and covering over 25k miles in the 993 you see here.

Michael's dark colored 993 911

Michael didn’t hold back on the first round of modifications, stripping the entire interior to bare metal including the always-daunting task of removing the factory sound deadening and glue. Then the transit of parts began, with the majority of interior panels heading out to Bob at Classic 9 in Michigan. Many would call this the ‘build phase’ and relegate the car to project status, but Michael kept driving the car, stripped interior and all.

Custom Tartan seats and Rennline steering wheel quick disconnect

Inspired by Porsche and VW interiors of the 70’s Michael chose a blue theme for the interior, so Classic 9 sourced US Navy Blue Tartan material all the way from Scotland. A roll bar was powder coated to match and installed to protect the occupants during Michael’s future track excursions. The door cards and seats were recovered with the Tartan and while he was at it Michael converted to RS style door cards featuring the legendary pull straps in place of handles and installed a Lightweight RS carpet kit.

Custom blue interior with tartan seats and door cards

Carrying the outlaw look to the dash, Michael had the factory dash board reskinned in Alcantara and added one of our Rennline Lower Dash Deletes to eliminate the bulky knee pads, shedding weight and cleaning up the look of the cabin in one swoop. Our Radio Delete Panel was modified by Michael’s friend Scott Hight to relocate the switches under the dash, further cleaning up the look of the dash. A Rennline shift knob tops the factory lever and he installed one of our billet E-Brake Handles to match.


Steering wheel with custom stitching and Rennline quick release

Next up was a billet aluminum Rennline Steering Wheel Quick Disconnects to aid ease of entry and exit of the vehicle. With the rest of the project nearing completion, Michael turned focus to his footwork. A set of our Full Race Track Mats and our Solid Floorboards were powder coated to match the blue theme and installed to give the footwells an all-business look, and a set of our Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals in black were paired with Heel/Toe Throttle Extensions for more precise downshifts.

Blue roll bar to match blue interior, and tartan back seats

As they say, projects are never done, but as of now Michael is at least doing more driving than modifying. He reports that the car feels downright luxurious compared to its stripped-out-self, and as such the miles have been racking up. He has built this car for him, and as he proudly states “The car is a driver and it has the scars to prove it.” That is what we love to see- an owner with passion and a love for the drive.

Beautiful behind of Michael's 993

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Track Weapon for Sale: Cayman R on

Track Weapon for Sale: Cayman R on

The Cayman R was a revelation when it entered the market. Building on Porsche’s brilliant mid-engine layout, the R featured lightweight options, more power and unique styling bits. They were immediately touted as one of Porsche’s most track-friendly offerings, and have been a favorite among enthusiasts ever since. Their prowess on track also means they have been a favorite among those looking to modify and improve the performance of their cars.

Wicked Cayman R in green

This particular Cayman R has received a host of upgrades aimed at improving on-track performance, and is currently for sale on the Pelican Parts forum here:

racecar spec interior with Rennline pedals and extinguisher mount

Since the car was built for track time, the owner decided on a set of our Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals with heel/toe throttle extensions, since this car was built before Porsche was determined to PDK-ify its entire lineup. Good footwork is critical, so our aluminum track mats were also fitted to keep the driver and passenger footwells clear for quick downshifts and so that the passenger can easily hang on for dear life!

Carbon fiber seats, Rennline track mats and RS style door pulls

The rest of the interior reads like a ‘who’s who’ of complimentary modifications; factory option carbon fiber seats, a Cantrell Motorsports roll cage, and Schroth 6pt harnesses keep the driver in place and safe. Girodisc rotors are fitted in the front while rears remain stock- Pagid R29 pads and Goodridge Stainless Lines increase braking longevity. Our friends at Tarett Engineering provided a set of their wheel studs so that the owner cannot literally drive the wheels off- a very real concern in this Cayman!

Side shot of Cayman R in green

Finally, the car received a little dose of extra power. An OEM GT3 throttle body was installed on top of an IPD plenum to let the car take nice, deep breaths and Fabspeed provided their headers and sport cats to match flow on the exhaust side. A retune would likely unleash a few more ponies, but as it sits we are sure this Cayman scoots!

The front end of the Cayman R in green

Between the thorough and well thought out list of modifications and a nice stack of paperwork pictured right in the for sale ad, we would say this could be a great buy. The Cayman R will go down as a purist’s favorite thanks to the 6spd manual, lack of weight-inducing extras and its in-your-face-styling, so if you want to experience one of the best driving experiences Porsche has offered don’t wait too long!

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Rennline is Growing- Construction Time!

Rennline is Growing- Construction Time!

Thanks to all of our loyal customers who continue to support our pursuit of top-notch Porsche, Audi, VW, BMW, Mini and more parts, we are lucky enough to need more space! Our existing building in Milton, Vermont was built so that we could make the move from a cramped city space to a larger facility capable of handling our new machining centers, second waterjet, and rapidly expanding staff. Now, four years later, we have reached the same point where expansion has become necessary, again thanks to all of our wonderful customers.


Original Building construction

Initial construction of our current facility circa 2011

This is going to be a significant improvement for the Rennline shop. As anyone who has run, worked around, serviced, or even seen a water jet can tell you, they can be a little messy! This new shop space is going to be almost solely committed to ‘jet operation, which will free up a huge amount of space and allow us to spend less time scrubbing. We are also adding a third water jet, bringing our total to three in-house, which will massively improve the speed with which we can turn out your favorite parts!



Pouring the new foundation



New foundation complete!




We are hoping that this additional space will allow us to carry a larger supply of current Rennline parts and also to continue expanding our line of parts for Porsche models as well as Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mini and others. In the past year we have been able to significantly expand our offerings, specifically for VW models by releasing our RS Style Door Pulls, billet license plate mounts, tow hooks and GoPro mounts and more for the MK4-7 Golf, GTI and Jetta, and we cannot wait to flex our engineering muscles on some more parts for these cars!



Building materials for the addition arriving at the Rennline shop



The sun setting on another productive day here in Milton, VT


Frame going up

Beginning construction of the frame



Slowly but surely!


We hope to be moving into this space in January if everything goes smoothly, just in time to begin stocking up on parts for the race season. This also means that with our increased production capability we should be churning out a host of new parts for the new year! Look for continued development of the new 991 chassis and new lines of VW products to lead the way.

Last, but certainly not least we would like to take the opportunity, once again, to thank all of our customers who have made Rennline’s success possible. Since our opening we have worked hard to bring the best parts possible to market, and luckily we hit a niche with a lot of great enthusiasts who are passionate about speed and quality. Whether you’ve ordered $10 or $10,000 worth of parts from us, we would like to thank each and every customer for supporting us and making this all possible!

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