Customization has been a part of Porsche ownership since the beginning. Of all marques, the heads in Stuttgart have traditionally offered one of the highest levels of customization for factory cars. Beyond these options, Porsche owners are known to love modifying their cars, and Michael Lenzi has the sickness as bad as any of us. He has spent the past three years customizing, refining and covering over 25k miles in the 993 you see here. Michael didn’t hold back on the first round of modifications, stripping…Continue Reading “Tailored: A 993 with a Heart of Tartan”

The Cayman R was a revelation when it entered the market. Building on Porsche’s brilliant mid-engine layout, the R featured lightweight options, more power and unique styling bits. They were immediately touted as one of Porsche’s most track-friendly offerings, and have been a favorite among enthusiasts ever since. Their prowess on track also means they have been a favorite among those looking to modify and improve the performance of their cars. This particular Cayman R has received a host of upgrades aimed at improving on-track…Continue Reading “Track Weapon for Sale: Cayman R on”

Thanks to all of our loyal customers who continue to support our pursuit of top-notch Porsche, Audi, VW, BMW, Mini and more parts, we are lucky enough to need more space! Our existing building in Milton, Vermont was built so that we could make the move from a cramped city space to a larger facility capable of handling our new machining centers, second waterjet, and rapidly expanding staff. Now, four years later, we have reached the same point where expansion has become necessary, again thanks to all…Continue Reading “Rennline is Growing- Construction Time!”