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A Beautiful Example of a 911 Track Car

A Beautiful Example of a 911 Track Car

This 1974 RS “Re-creation” only lasted for sale two days on the Pelican Parts Forums. But that isn’t really a surprise when you look at the spec list. The short list on the built 3.2l includes Weber 46IDAs, ported heads, new rings and Cosworth pistons on rods forged rods. Big headers and a flowmaster exhaust were added to compliment the K&N intake filters and twin plug conversion. Although not known as the most exciting engine ever bolted into a 911 the 3.2 was claimed by Porsche to be 80% new from the 3.0l, but the best improvement was moving over to a Motronic Fuel Injection from the former CIS setup. This increased output, tunability and reliability significantly over the outgoing powerplant.

Classic 911 for sale on Pelican Parts

To be able to handle as well as it goes, the car received 23/31mm torsion bars and re valved Bilsteins to match. There has been a trend to convert earlier cars to coilover setups, but when properly sized, torsion bar setups are more than capable of keeping up with more modern spring setups. Tarett Engineering Competition Suspension Components​ provided their renowned sway bars to compliment our own Rennline monoballs in both the front and rear. Of course, after these and the rest of the laundry list of suspension upgrades, the car was dialed in with a track oriented alignment.

Rear end of this classic 911

Our Rennline floor boards were added to the interior to replace the factory plywood units along with a host of lightweight RS parts for the perfect track car cockpit. Although the “driver mod” (aka seat time) is often touted as the biggest factor in lap times, it is important to make sure the driver is able to perform their duties without obstruction. That means floorboards are a critical modification to keep the pedal area clear and the Cobra seats, fire supression system and Momo Mod.07 wheel allow precision control in this Carrera. The builder also chose a Painless Wiring system integrated with the factory Motronic ECU to ensure reliability at the track.Stripped racecar interior with Rennline floorboards

Finally a set of 17″ CCW wheels were stuffed under the fenders sized 8.5″ wide in the front and 10″ fat in the rear. With a high-strung 3.2 all this meat was necessary to ensure maximum traction when exiting turns under power. Any 911 driver (and many, many pundits) will tell you never to lift off the throttle mid turn, so power-on at corner exit is essential to fast lap times and those meaty rear tires allow exactly that. All in all this was an awesome deal, and we hope whoever snagged it is continuing to track the car because, after all, that is what it was built to do!

Front of the racecar with Rennline strut brace and smuggler's box cover

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